CinéDOC Young

CinéDOC Young is a festival section that offers a unique program for children and teenagers. Children and teens 8 to 18 years old will be actively involved in the festival life. They will be participating in the audience, jury and among competition participants, all at the same time.

Each year the festival presents a special selection of films that focus on the target group of children and teenagers, from films about young protagonists living in different corners of the world to films on ecology, democracy, human rights and gender issues.

For CinéDOC Young, we cooperate with schools and teachers. Before the festival, the CinéDoc team visits schools, where we give presentations relevant to the films screened in the framework of this section.

Children and teenagers are involved in discussions about the themes of selected films. Child psychologists, teachers and young civil society activists moderate discussions conducted after screenings. Young members of our audience actively engage in the creative process by creating artwork relating to the presented themes. Moreover, the young people are given the chance to select the winner of the section, while their artwork is also awarded and exhibited at the festival venue.

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