Festival in Media 2017

Media About CineDOC-Tbilisi 2017


1. Indigo

Three articles about CineDOC-Tbilisi 2017, Personal opinions and advices which movies to

see; And one minute interview with Pawel Lozinsky, whose film “You have no idea how

much I love you” won the main prize in international competition this year. These articles

were posted in journal. pavel-lozinskistan dge

2. Liberali modis-aprili ganzomilebit

3. Magnet Magazine tbilisi-

4. Georgian National Film center

5. Digital Culture

6. Bloggers:

7. Georgia Today International-Festival-Kicks- Off 2017-Winners-Announced


Facebook site, which everyday posted about our festival, the program and films

which interested people should see.

9. Foreign Media:

10. Netgazeti

11. Radio Tavisupleba da-mshromelta-uplebebi/28479955.html

12. Radio Jako international-documentary- film-festival-2017&h=ATNDRwnKCDr2PAPP_KJxiZv7qrHvE0zbvWDoEyU6AFX0HOH6FPm__53FE5DUHsEZJkSZ5gw8Wwpy7vQX-L93QFt2B4VJc6ObKoR-xa_68bZgeStSe3KHXc4DqpEDDGLYRvcnArdlI5s

Plus, they were announcing all the days and times for films everyday.

13. Television:

Public Broadcaster:

14. Imedi

15. Rustavi2

16. Kimono

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