Conversations And Discussions

have the expected Q&A’s, but extended talks and public discussions that cover many interesting issues of filmmaking and social policy, with a participation of film directors, protagonists, different organizations and activists to con-verse the themes in an engaging manner with an audience. Between the most interesting events are: talk about being a protagonist, urban policy, religion and magic, employment and labor rights, conflict and more.

Detailed timetable is available in the program.



About ten documentary producers from Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are visiting the festival for the ‘producers meet producers’ event. They are experienced in co-productions, they know the European market and they are looking for stories from the post-Soviet countries. In Tbilisi, they are meeting about 10-15 pro-ducers from Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia, who have potentially strong stories for international co-production and distribution.



In a special screening, the audience will have the chance to get an insight into the latest productions of the documentary film studio that is a part of the Georgian Public Broadcaster.

The presentation will be followed by the screening of one of the most interesting creative documentaries recently broadcast on this channel: “Vienna, Passion Week” (directed by talented filmmaker Natia Arabuli-Weger), a film that explores the Georgian community living in Vienna, trapped between nostalgia and integration into a different society.

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