Civil Pitch 2019









Civil Pitch is a unique opportunity for creative collaborations between Georgian filmmakers and civil society representatives, aiming to connect filmmakers and non-governmental organizations in order to turn the public’s attention towards relevant issues that are often left in the shadow.

The selected participants took part in a training with international tutors – Daniel Abma and Brigid O’Shea and pitched their projects to a panel of international documentary professionals attending the CinéDOC-Tbilisi International Documentary Film Festival.


Selected projects:


  1.  “Kera” – MAC Georgia and Natia Arabuli-Weger

  2. “Identity in Process” – New Vector and Nino Memanishvili

  3. “My missing body” – The Georgian Center for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (GCRT) and Alexander Kvatashidze

  4. “Teenager’s Life in Tbilisi” – Georgian Girl Scouts Association DIA and Omar Tsotsoria

  5. “Peace road” – Caucasian House and Tamar Kvachantiradze

  6. “Vitali” – Center for Participation and Development and Keti Gigashvili

  7. “Pb,82” – Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA), Caucasus Open Space (COS) and Mariam Agladze

  8. “Time Machine”– Xeli and Tiko Nadirashvili ( Orni Films Studio)

  9. “Teacher Lado” – Georgian Coalition for Education for All and Toma Chagelishvili

  10. “The woman from rural Georgia”- CARE International in the Caucasus and Tatia Shaishmelashvili


Civil Pitch 2019 Awards


Jury members: Melanie De Vocht, Zane Balcus, Kenan Alyiev

Production Award (USD  3000) – Missing My Body – The Georgian Center for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (GCRT) – Nino Chimakadze and Alexander Kvatashidze

Jury Statement – “The production award is given to a project revealing the hidden sorrow of many Georgian families, told in a very original cinematographic way, adding different layers to the story.”

Development Award (USD 500) – Identity in Process – New Vector, Mariam Jibuti and Nino Memanishvili

Jury Statement – “Identity in Process is a special project for opening up a pressing issue in Georgian society, through a character who is looking for a hope in difficult circumstances.”

Current Time TV Award (USD 1000) – Vitali – Center for Participation and Development-Tamar Kapanadze and Keti Gigashvili

Kenan Alyiev, Executive Editor of Current Times TV – “The award the Civil Pitch the project with the title – Vitali. This is a Georgian project by Tamar Kapanadze and Keti Gigashvili that explores the rise of far-right extremism in Georgia. We hope the film helps people confront the rise of extremism, and its terrifying implications for Georgian democracy. This film is dedicated to Vitali, and Georgians need to know his story.”

All awards are transferred to the pitching directors who also have the rights to the documentaries. The pitching NGO representatives will fulfill the role of consultants to the projects, contributing with their expertise and background information.

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