• Director – Tsira Gvasalia
  • Producer – Rusudan Panozishvili
  • Sound – David Zhorzholadze (Zhora)
  • Editor – Natia Guliashvili
  • Duration – 50 min
  • Year – 2016


Viola, Shota and Rima have to shelter a spare concert hall in the Tbilisi Boarding House of Elderly and live there together temporarily. This is a major shake to their psychological and psychic health. Repair of the boarding house has commenced and has brought chaos, hassle and anger to the elderly, as they have to leave their rooms temporarily and share space with each other. Despite the big changes, 4 members of the boarding house find strength to continue following their life-time dreams and searching for their identities at the late stage of life. Shota, 90, builds a mini-church in the yard of the institution. Occasional meetings with her new love and fear of losing the memory keep 76-year-old Viola motivated every day. Former boxer Ushangi, 84, promises to continue exercising until “he is alive”. 69-year-old Pavle stays mysterious, while feeding birds in the house and knitting winter outfits to make money for his sister who is ill. His privacy is invaded after he leaves his room to the hospital due to his car crash accident.

Screening on: 22 October

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