• Director – Wojciech Staroń
  • Producer – Małgorzata Staroń
  • Director of photography – Wojciech Staroń
  • Editor – Zbigniew Osiński, Wojciech Staro
  • Sales – Krakow Film Foundation, Katarzyna Wilk
  • Duration – 70 min
  • Year – 2015


After 80 years of exile two brothers come back to Poland from Kazakhstan. The aim is to set their place in the new world. They face obstacles of character differences. One of them is a painter and a dreamer, the other one – a pragmatic engineer.  They are as different as ink and water and as inseparable as a flower from its stem. They want to rebuild their lives in spite of dramatic events that the fate sends down on them when their house, with several thousands of paintings, burns down and when one brother has put the other brother in the center for elderly people. The race against time begins now. Will they be fast enough?

Screening on: 22 October

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