Poonam’s Fortune


Country:  Denmark
Year: 2017
Language: Nepali (with English and Georgian subtitles)
Duration:  22 minutes
Director: Jens Pedersen
Cinematography: Jens J. V. Pedersen
Editing: Jesper Osmund
Music: Halfdan E.
Sound: Hans Moller
Producer: Maria Stevnbak Westergren
Script: Jens J. V. Pedersen




A 14-year-old girl Poonam from Nepal who is both excited about her early marriage but also scared about the wedding night and whether or not she can stay in school with her girlfriends after the wedding.

Screening on: Thursday / 9 May / 16:00 / Amirani 3 / FREE ENTRANCE | Saturday / 11 May / 14:00 / Amirani 3 / FREE ENTRANCE

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