On The Garages


Country: Georgia
Year: 2018
Language: Georgian (with English subtitles)
Duration: 28 minutes
Directors: Giorgi Parkosadze, Mariam Kobaladze
Cinematography: Giorgi Parkosadze
Editing: Giorgi Parkosadze, Mariam Kobaladze
Music: Kazzy Jazz
Sound: Tamta Mandzulashvili
Producers: Mariam Kobaladze, Giorgi Parkosadze
Script: Mariam Kobaladze, Giorgi Parkosadze

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The film depicts episodes from the daily lives of several generations: a boy named Data, elder metal scrapper men, Indira and Manana – women from a small sewing atelier, and teenagers practicing parkour. They spend their time on an odd, two-level construction on top of the garages. The film explores the pressing problem of chaotic process of urban development which permanently swallows green areas in Tbilisi and completely alters the understanding of public space.

Screening on: Saturday / 11 May / 16:00 / Amirani 2

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