90 Seconds in North Korea


Countries: Croatia, The Netherlands
Year: 2018
Duration: 15 minutes
Director: Ranko Paukovic
Cinematography: Ranko Paukovic
Editing: Ranko Paukovic
Sound: Ranko Paukovic
Producer: Ranko Paukovich


Two lovers cycling through the forest, school children crossing the street, men playing football on the beach, women playing with inflatable toys in the shallows, a father carrying his child to the park. This is the other side of life in North Korea, a world away from the army parades, political speeches, oppression and fear. This is a poetic, observational documentary about ‘normal life’ in the world’s most secretive state, revealing a human facet of the country that we are never normally allowed to see.

Screening on: Saturday / 11 May / 17:00 / Archive / Tickets are available in the National Archives of Georgia / 40 Pekini Str. (Cinema Hall Entrance)

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