Nanuli and Gogi


Countries: Georgia, Estonia
Year: 2018
Languages: Georgian (with English subtitles)
Duration: 15 minutes
Director: Mariam Agladze
Cinematography: Nika Okitashvili
Editing: Teemu Kettunen
Sound: Tengo Mandzulashvili, Israel Bañuelos
Producer: Mariam Agladze
Script: Mariam Agladze

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Nanuli and Gogi have lived together for 50 years now. They spend one half of the year in Tbilisi, and the other half - in the village, completely secluded. As there is no water in their house, they have to go to the spring in order to get it. During the day, Gogi spends some time in the vineyard to check on his harvest. Meanwhile, Nanuli stays indoors and keeps the house clean. Gogi comes back home for lunch, and they talk about the past and reminisce about the way people used to live in this village.

Screening on: Sunday / 12 May / 18:00 / Amirani 4

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