Country:  Slovakia
Year: 2017
Language: Slovak (with English and Georgian subtitles)
Duration: 8 minutes
Director: Lina Sukova
Editing: Petra Hotkova
Sound Design: Natalia Jancova
Music: Pablo Pico
Production: Film and Television Faculty VSMU
Script: Dominika Petrikova


Lina is a girl who lives with the fear that monsters are hiding in the dark, underneath her bed. One day the shadows from under her bed grab her, and Lina sinks into the dark forest. There she meets a she-wolf. Lina learns that the forest isn’t as scary as she imagined it to be and that she-wolf is more a friend than a dangerous enemy. Thanks to she-wolf Lina learns about the power of nature.

Screening on: Thursday / 9 May / 14:00 / Amirani 4 / FREE ENTRANCE | Sunday / 12 May / 14:00 / Amirani 2 / FREE ENTRANCE

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