Country: Hungary
Year: 2019
Language: Hungarian (with English and Georgian subtitles)
Duration: 28 minutes
Directors: Kata Olah, Sandor Csukas
Cinematography: Sandor Csukas
Editing: Kata Olah
Music: Tony Oprea
Sound: Daniel Bohm
Producers: Kata Olah, Borbala Csukas, Ela Elbaz

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Marika is the brightest star of senior clubs. Over 80, she still has a youthful soul and lives with immense passion with her cravings for desserts, playing with her stuffed toys and dressing up like a pretty ballerina. After 60 years of a loveless life, she finally has Janos by her side, which means... tango, waltz, swing, cha-cha-cha, pastries if she wants even twice a day. Marika's passionate story-telling, lively gaze and spicy jokes are filled with joy and energy. But her enthusiasm and love for life hide deep and dark memories. The film offers a shocking explanation of Marika’s decision to live a childless life.

Screening on: Sunday / 12 May / 18:00 / Amirani 4

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