My Piece of The Earth


Country: Georgia
Year: 2019
Language: Georgian (with English subtitles)
Duration: 59 minutes
Director: Maka Gogaladze
Cinematography: Maka Gogaladze
Editing: Maka Gogaladze
Sound: Maka Gogaladze
Producer: Maka Gogaladze
Script: Maka Gogaladze

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The author tells the story of how the film was created: “Soon after my house burnt down, my neighborhood in Tbilisi has gone through radical changes. The once familiar spaces suddenly disappeared, having taken pieces of my personal history with them. My memories of those places soon faded, leaving me in a state of alienation and silence...” So, I took the camera and went around of what remained of my home and the old spaces in my neighborhood - all that was left of my childhood. In this journey, I use filming as a way to restore my memories, to reconstruct the past and to regain my place in it. My story is captured through different places, faces, and spaces”.

Screening on: Thursday / 9 May / 18:00 / Amirani 2 | Friday / 10 May / 22:00 / Amirani 3

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