The Principal Wife


Country: The Netherlands
Year: 2018
Language: Dutch (with English and Georgian subtitles)
Duration: 70 minutes
Director: Hester Overmars
Cinematography: Jefrim Rothuizen
Editing: Ralf Verbeek
Music: Diego van Uden
Sound Design: Diego van Uden
Production Company: SeriousFilm (Marc Thelosen & Koert Davidse) and KRO-NCRV (Jelle Peter de Ruiter & Yolande van der Blij)
Script: Hester Overmars

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The film follows Marijke’s search for her mother’s past. She interviews former members of a sect - one incredible story after another. We watch Marijke as she moves closer to confronting her mother’s story. Was she sick? Evil? Deranged? Marijke’s mother has been living in her own version of the truth. The answer to the question of “What do you do with this kind of mother?” is left to the viewer.

Screening on: Friday / 10 May / 20:00 / Amirani 4 | Sunday / 12 May / 16:00 / Amirani 4

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