Country: Poland
Year: 2017
Languages: Polish, Spanish (with English and Georgian subtitles)
Duration: 80 minutes
Director: Wojciech Klimala
Cinematography: Mateusz Wajda
Editing: Bartosz Pietras, Marcin Sucharski
Music: Tomasz Opalka
Sound: Kacper Habisiak, Marcin Kasinski
Producer: Mateusz Wajda
Script: Wojciech Klimala, Mateusz Wajda

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Zdzisław Misiak, known as Dzidek, is the retired king of amusement parks. After his daughter's death, his 7 year-old grandson Hugo comes to live with him in one of the leftover barracks. In the enchanting surroundings of the amusement park, a bond grows between the boy and his grandfather. This helps them both heal wounds caused by the tragic loss. But this cannot last. Soon, they are brought to the attention of the System and the peace of Dzidek-land is disturbed.

Screening on: Thursday / 9 May / 18:00 / Amirani 4 | Saturday / 11 May / 20:00 / Amirani 3

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