Apollo Javakheti

  • Director – Bakar Cherkezishvili
  • Production – Bakar Cherkezishvili, Julien Diebel
  • Editor – Bakar Cherkezishvili
  • Cinematographer – Julien Diebel
  • Executive Producer – Bakar Cherkezishvili, Julien Diebel
  • Sound Design – Besarion Kacharava
  • Sound – Anuka Inasaridze, Post Red Audio
  • Screenplay – Bakar Cherkezishvili
  • Duration – 16 min.
  • Year –  2017
  • Country – Georgia


Bandura is growing up with his single mother in the Georgian region of Javakheti. The climate is harsh, the roads are bad and the views are gray and rocky. In the rural village where he lives, time seems to have stood still. The teenager earns extra money by herding sheep, helping the local cheesemaker and planting potatoes. Home at the kitchen table, his mother reads aloud from the Bible, but Bandura has other things on his mind: he wants to travel to the moon. Between his daily duties, he begins to build an actual rocket and to plan out his future. By selling sheep, he can make enough money to catch a boat to the United States, where he can start asking around about where to study to become a space traveler. Even though time appears to have come to a halt here, with a bit of fantasy—which our protagonist has plenty of—Javakheti by night really does look like the lunar landscape. 

Screening on: 5 May / 13:00 / Amirani 2 | 5 May / 22:00 / Amirani 3 | 7 May / 21:00 / Backstage

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