Sunny Night

  • Directors – Soso Dumbadze, Lea Hartlaub
  • Producers – Soso Dumbadze, Lea Hartlaub
  • Script – Soso Dumbadze
  • Editing – Lea Hartlaub
  • Duration – 85 min.
  • Year –  2017
  • Country – Germany, Georgia


On December the 25th 2011 the Georgian Patriarch Ilia II sumed up his then 34 year long leadership as head of the Georgian Orthodox Church as a Sunny Night.

Beginning in 1989, the Foundfootage Essay »Sunny Night« tells of political and social events since Georgian Independence. A variety of formats and sources, disparate images and voices report and claim on protests and recommencements, uproars and wars, religious identity and the only true religion – as well as about the changeover of power between church and state. »Sunny Night« provides a raw and a complex view on Georgia.

The continuous growth of the churchʼs authority becomes apparent, as does its strong presence throughout Georgian media. In the midst of all ongoing shifts and the various state of affairs, the patriarch stands out as the only constant figure. Meanwhile the sermonized religion begins to take on radical forms, going as far as priests forming front row human-chains, leading protests of several thousand orthodox believers chasing a handful of LGBT activist throughout the streets of Tbilisis in May 2013. »Sunny Night« solely consists of found footage taken from the internet, which is kept in its original online format.

Screening on: 4 May / 19:00 / Kolga | 5 May / 19:00 / Amirani 2 | 6 May / 21:00 / Backstage

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