• Director – Vardan Danielyan
  • Producer – Clémentine Deliss
  • Cinematography – Andranik Sahakyan
  • Editing – Vardan Danielyan
  • Color Correction – Tigran Baghinyan
  • Duration – 40 minutes
  • Year –  2018
  • Country – Armenia, Germany


Artists from different countries trying to find the medium, through which they can transmit the memories of the abandoned ''Impuls'' factory.

Gregory Bateson once wrote in 1971 in the brilliant book called Steps to the Ecology of Mind, and I’m just going to give you a quick quote, he says – “let me state my belief that such matters as the bilateral symmetry of an animal, the patterned arrangement of leaves in a plant, the escalation of the armaments race, the process of courtship, the nature of play, the grammar of a sentence, the mystery of biological evolution, and the contemporary crisis in man’s relationship to his environment can be only be understood in terms of such an ecology of ideas”. But it has to be said that it’s a continual chore to explore different situations, like here today, to listen to varying interpretations, to be open to the different actors and networks that surround us.

It’s a task to refine and educate one’s gaze, to neutralize presuppositions, to suspend prejudices, to hold back one’s judgment, and yet to persevere in wanting to know more, particularly when language becomes barrier, like here, where Armenian and Russian are spoken, but not much English, French, Italian, German, Polish, Albanian, or Romanian. Out of this condition of critical suspension, nonhierarchical perception, and visual interpretation, we need to produce something that does not replicate a doctrine, be it within art, or any other discourse, religious, or political.

Screening on: 5 May / 15:00 / Amirani 2 | 7 May / 17:00 / Amirani 2

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