• Director & Producer – Judith Beuth, Jasmin Brutus
  • Cinematography – Jasmin Brutus
  • Sound – Nedim Zlatar
  • Editing – Branka Pavlović
  • Original Sound – Judith Beuth
  • Title and Credits Design – Jakub Zaremba
  • Duration – 38 min.
  • Year –  2017
  • Country – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany


In 2016, Sanela Ljumanovic, a teacher in a typical Sarajevo grade school was approached by the mother of six-year-old Zejd Coralic with a question: would Sanela be willing to allow Zejd, who is deaf, to be included in the class. Though the Bosnian government has adopted laws around integrating special-needs children into schools, they have done little in the way of providing the resources and basic conditions needed to put them into practice. In spite of that, Sanela agreed without hesitation.

Fortunately for Zejd, the other parents - primarily the mothers - and the teacher were very sensitive to his problem, and worked together to find a solution. They self-financed the hiring of a sign-language- teacher who taught not only Zejd, but the entire class as well. The effect of this change was quite radical for all the students. Not only did they learn the basics of sign language, but also developed an acute awareness of one another, and experienced each other's differences as something normal.

Their story became one of only a few examples in Bosnia-Herzegovina of inclusion actually occurring. When their story went viral on the Internet, it caught the attention of major media worldwide. As a result, it became the subject of a promotional campaign for inclusion in South Korea and in Bosnia-Herzegovina itself, a country comprised of two autonomous entities, that are typically in disagreement about everything political, yet both chose to award a prize in recognition of this project.

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Screening on: 7 May / 15:00 / Kolga

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