Life Is Be

  • Director – Vakhtang Kuntsev-Gabashvili
  • Producer – Vakhtang Kuntsev-Gabashvili
  • Cinematography – Vakhtang Kuntsev-Gabashvili
  • Editing – Vakhtang Kuntsev-Gabashvili
  • Duration – 85 min.
  • Year –  2016
  • Country – Georgia


Life is Be is a film about five men living in Telavi. They are neighbors and each of them has their own history. One of them is German; he plays the piano at the Charity House. He is a former fireman that ones saved Tsinandali Museum from burning. It is already 20 years that electricity supply was cut for another German man. He invented a stove, which produces electricity. The third character is the 80-year old former communications office director. His house is a historical monument protected by the government. But the house is in poor condition. The fourth character is a former engineer, former lecturer of Telavi University but now he only stays at home and listens to rock music and complains about this life. The fifth character is a successful farmer, a businessman. He needs someone that can work for him but he can't find anybody. Nobody wants to work.

Screening on: 12/05 - 22:00 - Amirani 2

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