Hello I’m David!

  • Director – Cosima Lange
  • Producer – Eva Kemme, Tobias Siebert
  • Cinematography – Ute Freund
  • Sound – Ansgar Frerich
  • Editing – Inge Schneider
  • Duration – 98 min.
  • Year –  2015
  • Country – Germany


Hello I Am David! is the first documentary about this exceptional pianist David Helfgott; a wunderkind whose career seemed to be over after a nervous breakdown. Yet through the healing power of music and his great love for his wife Gillian, he fought his way back to normal life and the concert stage. This film allows us to witness David Helfgott's infectious passion and impulsiveness. He plays what he feels, he says what he thinks, and touches people in the true sense of the word. Pure and direct in both his playing and character – this moving, inspiring film gives us a revealing insight into David Helfgott's personality and life in music. Yet Hello I Am David! is above all a film about love: The love of life, the love of music - and the compelling love between two people who are as enchanting as they are dissimilar.

Screening on: 12/05 - 18:00 - Amirani 3, 16/05 - 20:00 - Rustaveli 3

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