See You in Chechnya

  • Director – Alexander Kvatashidze
  • Producer – Rebecca Houzel, Alexander Kvatashidze, Juliette Cazanave, Melanie Andernach
  • Cinematography – Alexander Kvatashidze, Niko Tarielashvili
  • Sound – Amelie Canini
  • Editing – Amrita David, Sophie Reiter, Alexander Kvatashidze
  • Sales – Exitfilm, DNU Film, Alexander Kvatashidze from Lokokina
  • Duration – 69 min.
  • Year –  2016
  • Country – Georgia


An accidental meeting with a war photographer takes Alex to war. He returns home broken and depressed but shortly realizes that war calls him back. He wants to become a war photographer. Despite his efforts, agencies are not interested in giving him an assignment. Eventually Alex doesn’t become a war photographer but remains connected to war through his friends, hard-core war reporters. For 15 years he observes their lives and sees what war does to them. He tries to understand the true motivations that drag them to war, thus looks for the answer for his own question what made him want to go back to war.

Screening on: 15/05 - 19:00 - Cinema house

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