Spotlight On Merna

  • Director – Mirjam Marks
  • Producer – Kiyomi Molin
  • Cinematography – Johny Karam
  • Editing – Sander Cijsouw
  • Duration – 15 min.
  • Year –  2016
  • Country – The Netherlands


Taking part in The Voice Kids is already quite something, but for 11-year old Merna it’s really something special. Her parents had to flee Iraq because they are part of the Christian minority, and IS was threatening to kidnap Merna. They now live in Lebanon, where one in three people is a refugee. The family has been waiting for two years for permission to move on. FaceTiming with her older sister who stayed behind in Iraq and cooking her favorite dishes with her mother make the situation more bearable for Merna. But what also really helps is singing – this calms Merna and makes her less afraid. She used to sing only in church, but since The Voice came in to her life her beautiful, melancholy voice touches everyone. Because of her status as a refugee, Merna isn’t allowed to attend the foreign performances with the other finalists, but she’s now a national celebrity in Lebanon.

Screening on: 12/05 - 16:00 - Amirani 2

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