The Gift

  • Director – Przemyslaw Kaminski
  • Producer – Anna Kepinska-Andryszczak, Maciej Kubicki, Maciej Kubicki from Telemark, Katarzyna Wilk from KFF Sales & Promotion
  • Cinematography – Przemysław Kamiński
  • Sound – Tomasz Maciątek
  • Editing – Anna Wagner
  • Duration – 56 min.
  • Year –  2016
  • Country – Poland


Yuriy can hypnotise people and put them into a deep sleep as well as help heavy smokers to cough out tar. But when he stops performing the profession of a miracle worker, he removes his theatrical makeup and takes on the role of a loving son who tries to live his life with an old father, at the same time mourning the death of his mother. Who is Yuriy when he enters the stage among the enchanted audience and who does he become when he returns to his native Ukraine, the very centre of the Orthodox world?

Screening on: 13/05 - 13:00 - Cinema house, 14/05 - 16:00 - Amirani 2

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