Havana, One Way

  • Director – Ádám Breier
  • Producer – Vodal Vera
  • Cinematography – Javier Lladrano, Alejandro Reyes
  • Sound – Breier Ádám, Susanna Zamora Merino
  • Editing – Haragonics Sári
  • Duration – 51 min.
  • Year –  2017
  • Country – Hungary


Before the change of the regime in Eastern Europe it was quite common that different socialist state’s citizens married each other and settled in one of their home countries. It was the same with the distant Cuba, until 1989 there were hundreds of Hungarians living there, but now there are only a few people left from that generation. While the change made a huge twist in most of the Hungarian’s life, the ones living in Cuba were lack of it until lately, when Cuba started to have similar reforms to the ones in the ’80s of Hungary. For hungarians it's like traveling in a time machine arriving in the present of Cuba, where the private sector just started to appear. After 88 years a US president visited the country. There is more and more foreign money seeping into the island, and more and more small enterprises start up. Even the Rolling Stones gave a concert in Havanna this year. The wind of change blows, but evidently all changes have a negative side as well: the Cuban society has never in the last 50 years been so economically divided.

Screening on: 14/05 - 20:00 - Rustaveli 3, 15/05 - 21:00 - Cinema house

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