Eternal Hunting Grounds

  • Director – Elin Grimstad
  • Producer – Ingvil Giske
  • Cinematography – Urmas Jõemees
  • Sound – Engineer Yngve Sætre
  • Editing – Robert Stengård
  • Duration – 19 min.
  • Year –  2016
  • Country – Norway


Two children play on an island, in an open coastal landscape. They have a game they love to play: to search under stones, on the beach, in the mud, and in the fields. They look for dead animals. Once they collect enough animals, they bring them to a self-made graveyard. Here, the children bury the animals, decorate the graves, sing songs and recite poems. The dead animals come alive again, they rise in the Eternal Hunting Grounds. The hunter also lives on the island. He has killed the animals that the children find. The hunter kills because he is hungry, or just because he likes to do it. He sometimes lets his victims lie to decay in open air. The children collect them and turn the hunters cruel actions into something good. One day the hunter shoots a heron. This bird is bigger and more beautiful than any other animal the children have found.

Screening on: 13/05 - 14:00 - Amirani 2

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