Win by Fall

  • Director – Anna Koch
  • Production – Anna Wendt, Fabian Winkelmann
  • Cinematography – Julia Lemke
  • Sound – Jana Irmert
  • Editing – Martin Reimers, Henrike Dosk
  • Duration – 82 min.
  • Year –  2016
  • Country – Germany


Janny, Lisa, Debby and Michelle are 12 years old when they leave home. The "Elite School of Sport" at Frankfurt/Oder, a boarding school in East German tradition, is where they move to. They grow up in a strict corset of training schedules, weight classes and pressure to perform. Being wrestlers, they all dream of a championship title, though off the mat, each girl fights her very own battle: Janny is searching for her standing within the group, Debby fights her own expectations, Lisa is homesick and Michelle quarrels with her weight.

Screening on: 12/05 - 20:30 - Mziuri

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