You Can’t Hide From The Truth

  • Director – A.a.V Amasi
  • Production – A.a.v. Amasi
  • Cinematography – A.a.v. Amasi
  • Sound – Annie Lloyd, Pan Panagiannopoulos
  • Editing – Jojo Erholtz, Pawel Slomkowski
  • Sales – A.a.V. Amasi, Goatfame
  • Duration – 29 min.
  • Year –  2016
  • Country – UK, Finland, Poland


You Can't Hide From The Truth is a musical insight into a family living in the midst of an economic and political crisis.
Every day in Zimbabwe Isaac stands in the street with his blind father and a few simple instruments. One day he receives an offer to make a record, and Isaac gets the chance to play a real drum kit.

Screening on: 14/05 - 13:00 - Cinema house

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