La Chana

  • Director – Lucija Stojevic
  • Producer – Lucija Stojevic, Susan Muska, Greta Olafsdottir
  • Cinematography – Samuel Navarrete
  • Sound – Alejandro Castillo
  • Editing – Domi Parra, Irene Coll
  • Duration – 83 min.
  • Year –  2016
  • Country – Spain


La Chana is a feature-length documentary film that brings us close to the heart and mind of La Chana, the self-taught Gypsy dancer Antonia Santiago Amador, as she returns to the stage to give a final seated performance after a break of two decades. Peter Sellers, with whom she features in The Bobo (1967), invited her to Hollywood. Instead, at the peak of her career, she suddenly disappeared from the scene. Along the way, La Chana reveals the secret behind her disappearance: for 18 years she was the victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her first husband. In this dramatic story about the process and power of creativity, about aging, perseverance and re-invention, La Chana crystallises the inevitable clashes between her life’s extremes and contradictions; between the talented artist on stage and the woman behind the scenes.

Screening on: 12/05 - 21:00 - Cinema house, 16/05 - 20:30 - Backstage

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