To Be a Teacher

  • Director – Jakob Schmidt
  • Producer – Marie-Luise Scharf
  • Cinematography – David Schittek, Evgeny Revvo, Jakob Schmidt
  • Sound – Angelo Fonfara, Malte Eiben, Tim Altrichter
  • Editing – Julia Wiedwald
  • Duration – 101 min.
  • Year –  2016
  • Country – Germany


Student teachers must discipline classes and be disciplined by their tutors. They must distribute grades while they panic before their own test lessons. They must educate and are educated themselves. From day one they are forced to play conflicting roles. It’s a permanent test, always caught between two stools. And they are always both student and teacher. Some start out with idealism and passion, others for lack of alternatives, others see themselves as future professionals in solid employment. Step by step they become – willy-nilly – the representatives of a system that has shaped each of us. To Be a Teacher follows three very different characters on this tension-filled path.

Screening on: 16/05 - 20:00 - Rustaveli 4

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