Keep Frozen

  • Director – Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir
  • Production – Helga Rakel Rafnsdóttir
  • Cinematography – Dennis Helm
  • Sound – Huldar Freyr Arnarson
  • Editing – Kristján Lodmfjörd
  • Sales – Ina Rossow, Deckert Distribution
  • Duration – 68 min.
  • Year –  2016
  • Country – Iceland


On a cold winter night a factory trawler enters the old harbor of Reykjavík. On board there are 20.000 boxes of frozen fish, each weighing 25 kg. The temperature in the freezing compartment is -35C°. A group of men has only 48 hours to empty the ship before it heads back out to sea. This is no job for wussies. Making one mistake may cost thousands of Euros, a limb or a life. While they do the impossible, we hear stories of the bright and dark sides of the lives these men lead.

Screening on: 14/05 - 21:00 - Cinema house, 16/05 - 18:00 - Rustaveli 3

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