Employment Office

  • Director – Anne Schiltz, Charlotte Grégoire,
  • Producer – Pierre Duculot
  • Cinematography – Pierre Choqueux
  • Editing – Thomas Vandecasteele
  • Sales – Wallonie Image Production
  • Duration – 74 min.
  • Year –  2015
  • Country – Belgium, France


In an office, a row of desks, with people facing each other. This is where unemployed people come to meet with their advisors. At stake: their benefit payments. Here everyone has to abide by the same rigid procedure and bureaucracy but each has their own life, their own story. This film shows what it means today to have a job, when work is more and more precarious, employed and unemployed alike less and less secure, and the welfare state is shrinking away and under attack.

Screening on: 13/05 - 16:00 - Cinema house, 14/05 - 19:00 - Cinema house

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