• Director – Thomas Wallner
  • Producer – Christian Beetz
  • Cinematography – Axel Schneppat
  • Sound – Henk Rabau
  • Editing – Manfred Becker
  • Sales – CAT&Docs, Catherine Le Clef
  • Duration – 88 min.
  • Year –  2014


Before the Last Curtain Falls is a film that explores the lives of six aging and highly unique transsexuals and drag queens in their sixties and seventies, through the prism of a great dance, theatre, cabaret and music show called “Gardenia”. We are delving deeply into the lives of our protagonists, peeling away the many layers of protection, illusion and self-delusion to create a raw but ultimately warm human portrait of a group of people, who seemingly effortlessly navigate the twilight zone between being male and being female and are now entering the last chapter of their lives. For the cast, who thought that their best days lay behind them “Gardenia” became the highlight of their lives.

Screening on: 25 October

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