• Director – Zurab Inashvili
  • Producer – Zurab Inashvili
  • DOP – Zurab Inashvili, Ramaz Batatunashvili
  • Composer – Levan Mizandari
  • Duration – 52 min
  • Year – 2016


Two young men – members of nongovernmental organization, together with the film director and his staff, are traveling around the different parts of Georgia in order to detect individuals who have unlawfully incarcerated innocent bears. Young men are looking for bears village by village; they use all means in order to find free inhabitants of forests who after poachers killed their mothers ended up perpetually incarcerated in iron cages for clients’ attraction and financial gain. We have filmed all the cases concerning problems of incarcerated bears, for example when they have died for unknown reasons in imprisonment or when they were returned back to the forest and their fates remains unknown. The most shocking is the state of bears that are incarcerated in iron cages and are living there for ten to seventeen years in some cases. These bears are doomed to suffer until humans raise their voice against inhuman treatment towards bears and help them to become free. Filmed material reflects the current reality which unfolds against the background of Georgian nature.

Screening on: 22 October

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