• Director – Mete Gümürhan
  • Producers – Aydin Dehzad, Aslı Akdağ, Zeynep Aşkın Korkmaz, Kaan Korkmaz
  • DOP – André Jäger
  • Editor – Ali Aga
  • Sound – Cenker Köktenn
  • Production – Kaliber Film, Filmaltı
  • Sales – Wide House
  • Duration – 90 min
  • Year – 2016


Living, learning, suffering for their passion: the 26 boys living at a sports academy in the Turkish province of Amasya will endure a lot to fulfill their wrestling dreams. They face the usual challenges of adolescence in a male dominated environment and in the contradictory contemporary Turkish society. The observational camera remains unobtrusive while still allowing us to experience the boys' everyday life on the verge between camaraderie and competition.

Screening on: 22 October

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