• Director – Jan Gassmann
  • Producers – Lisa Blatter, Jan Gassmann
  • Cinematography – Ramon Giger
  • Sound – Fabian Gutscher
  • Editing – Miriam Märk, Roland Von Tessin, Jacques L’amour
  • Duration – 110 min.
  • Year –  2016


In Sevilla JUAN, 21, and CARO, 23, experience the wonder of a young love. However, Juan is without a plan for the life that lies ahead of him and she desperately needs one. SIOBHAN, aged 28, and TERRY, 23, live in Dublin . When they first met they have fallen for love and heroin like other young habitants of this cold weathered town. But now sober for some time, on their way to lead a common life, their passion seems to disappear. In Tallinn , close to the northeastern border of Europe, VERONIKA, a 29 year old go-go dancer, and her partner HARRI, 31, find themselves caught up in the toil of a patchwork family. Her oldest son proves to be a challenge for Veronikas confidence in Harri. She wants him to accept Artur as his own. Meanwhile in Thessaloniki, Greece, PENNY, 23, is about to leave her longtime lover NICO, 31, to go to work in Italy. But how do you leave someone who loves you too much? Those four couples, geographically separated, love each other in a period of upheaval. The physical and emotional sphere becomes the only refuge in the fight for a future. An episodic and interweaved parable for a continent and the women within. Sevilla, Tallinn, Dublin, Thessaloniki. Europe, she loves.

Screening on: 24 October

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