• Director – Monika Pawluczuk
  • Producer – Katarzyna Slesicka
  • DOP – Malgorzata Szylak, Szymon Lenkowski, Jakub Giza, Michal Dymek
  • Sound – Radosław Ochnio
  • Editing – Agnieszka Glińska, Marcin Latanik
  • Sales – Krakow Film Foundation, Katarzyna Wilk
  • Duration – 40
  • Year – 2015


THE END OF THE WORLD is an intimate, creative and very immensely visual documentary where couple of stories weave into one narrative during in one night. In a big city, many people are joined in one need - troubled by loneliness, they want to talk to someone. Some of them call an emergency number 112, even if it’s not really necessary, others call the radio. This time the subject of the broadcast is the end of the world predicted by the Mayan calendar. The listeners talk about things that are tragic and painful, and sometimes small and funny. The radio binds the elements of the film together in terms of structure and meaning: it is the source of the most important questions.

Screening on: 24 October

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