• Director – Marie-Ève de Grave
  • Producer – On Move Productions, CBA (Centre Bruxellois de l’Audiovisuel), RTBF Bruxelles
  • DOP – Jorge Piquer Rodriguez, Sébastien Koeppel
  • Sound – Ludovic Van Paschterbeke
  • Editor – Simon Arazi
  • Duration – 74 min
  • Year – 2016



"Please mention that I am a painter, a writer and a revolutionary whore!" Grisélidis Réal The film is an immersion in the writings of Grisélidis Réal, scandalous public woman and tells the personal and dazzling journey of an extraordinary person. Fictional images inspired from texts, drawings, photographs, historical archives, interviews, knit the plurial portrait of a beautiful rebel always seeking for freedom and belongingness. It's about rebellion and life. A life being written, also revealing a beautiful writer.

Screening on: 22 October

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