• Directory – Roman Bondarchuk
  • Producers – Dar’ya Averchenko; Uldis Cekulis
  • DOP – Roman Bondarchuk
  • Sound – Boris Peter
  • Editor – Kateryna Gornostai; Roman Bondarchuk; Boris Peter
  • Sales – Irena Taskovski Taskovski Films Ltd.
  • Duration – 84 min
  • Year – 2015



Like a bird, the Ukrainian flag flies along perched on the car of two affable "sheriffs" deputized by the mayor of a village in southern Ukraine. There's a sly bum whose gift is not to work. There's a guy who puts an anaconda in his woman's shed. The advent of Euromaidan, and draft-dodgers abound. Town folks are dipping in icy water and laughing, but are they divided in their loyalty? These sheriffs are taking you along for the ride.

Screening on: 22 October

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