•  Director – Klára Trencsényi
  •  Producer Julianna Ugrin
  •  DOP – Klára  Trencsényi,  Márton  Vízkelety
  •  Sound – Rudolf  Várhegyi
  •  Editor  – Judit Czakó
  •  Sales – Julianna Ugrin, Éclipse Film
  •  Duration – 79 min
  •  Year – 2015



Our story starts on the small gauge railway built in 1948 by the communist leaders of Hungary. The Train is entirely operated by children. Today over 500 teenagers work here for free - in exchange for an unforgettable community experience. We follow 3 young railway workers for whom the Children's Train is a refuge, a place where comradeship and order are opposed to the chaos of the outside society. The Train is a metaphor to talk about current day Hungary, offering an insight into the intellectual and emotional development of a generation that will soon become responsible for our fate.

Screening on: 24 October

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