• Director – Daniel Abma
  • Producers – Iris Lammertsma, Stefan Kloos, Boudewijn Koole
  • Director of Photography – Johannes Praus
  • Sound – Alexandra Praet
  • Editor– Jana Dugnus
  • Duration – 86 min
  • Year – 2016


Is Cuba changing into a safe haven for trans people? For more than one year, filmmakers Daniel Abma and Alex Bakker followed the three main characters Odette, Juani and Malú and show how they deal with the reality of being transgender in Cuba. As ‘new heroes of the revolution’ they still face religious intolerance, discrimination, sexism, poverty and often a life in prostitution. Meanwhile they wait for the foreign surgeons to give them what they want most in life. Are their names among the five on this year’s surgery list? documentary features the historic day when presidents Castro and Obama suddenly announce new diplomatic relations, creating great expectations among the main characters.

Screening on: 22 October

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